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  • Compact IoT Backend

    Design for 50k+ IoT devices On-Premises, SaaS/PaaS per request Extra low cost operation Free licensed / open source SW components Linearly scalable with minor software adaption Multi-User management Secured communication with efficient encryption / decryption algorism Data volume control Device management Over-the-Air firmware update SMS communication interface (optional) Map interface (optional) Backup & Dual hot […]

  • 4G Data Transmission Unit

    VIT-X150 series are 4G data transmission units (DTU) developed on Qualcomm chipset to meet demands for data transition and transmission in various scenarios. VIT-X150 series support transparent data transmission, wireless router, and LAN/WAN switch by one press, and they are widely used in industrial, financial, and transport applications. With the transparent data transmission function, VIT-X150 […]

  • V-IOT Kit

    V-IOT Kit is an extra low cost, low power IoT (Internet of Things) solution, which is designed for industry narrow band applications. The device works on a 16-bit microcontroller (MCU) system, in order to reduce the size and the cost. Compare to a design that uses a separate microprocessor, memory, and I/O chips, MCU system […]

  • Push Scanner

    Push Barcode Scanner is a product, which can provide digital shopping experience. There are different use scenarios. 1. Cart-less supermarket With this supermarket concept, customers don’t need shopping carts anymore. Customer can get a scanner at the entrance of supermarket and scan the required goods. After submitting the shopping list customers will get goods at […]

  • Automotive Diagnostic OBD

    The 2G Automotive Diagnostic OBD Adapter is specially developed for automotive OEM. To distinguish with other OBD devices, our solution can work with all CAN-Bus based cars. Comparing to others’ solutions using the off-the-shelf solution like ELM, our engineering team had built the CAN diagnostic core from the scratch. As the product shall use OEM‘s […]

  • Display Control Button

    This product is in development and will be available soon….

  • Multifunctional Dash Button

    The multifunctional Dash button is developed for special use cases such as: the clear service in hospital, railway station, shopping mall or other public areas. stamp control of patrol tasks in terms of route, time and personell ID The device is designed with 32-Bit Extra-Low-Power Microcontroller and has extra low power consumption. Combined with NB-IOT […]

  • Low-Cost waterproof GPS Tracker

    The powerful waterproof GPS tracker is designed for fixed asset tracking applications. It is powered by user replaceable CR123A lithium battery pack. Configuration allows it to wake up on a preset schedule to check if it needs to shift from dormant to active status and/or send update of its current location, then returning to a […]