The multifunctional Dash button is developed for special use cases such as:

  • the clear service in hospital, railway station, shopping mall or other public areas.
  • stamp control of patrol tasks in terms of route, time and personell ID

The device is designed with 32-Bit Extra-Low-Power Microcontroller and has extra low power consumption. Combined with NB-IOT technology, a 2000mAh battery can provide 2-3 years’ operation. For outdoor usages, the device conforms industry temperature requirement (-40°C ~ +85°C) and IP65 water/dusty protection standard. A robust cover is extra equipped for vandalism.

MCU: 32-Bit Extra-Low-Power Microcontroller
256Kbytes Flash, 64kbytes RAM, 4 µs wakeup from Stop mode
GSM Module: Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz Upgradable to LTE-NB
Power supply: 3.7V battery, 2000mAh (for Prototype)
Power consumption: Standby: < 50uA, Max: 2A, 8 nA Shutdown mode (2 wakeup pins), 28 nA Standby mode (2 wakeup pins), 280 nA Standby mode with RTC, 84 µA/MHz run mode
Operation: -40°C — +85°C
HMI: 1 x LED, 1 x Rotary Encoder, 1 x OLED Display (optional), 1 x Segment display (optional)
RFID: ISO14443 standard 13.56MHz
Program: Embedded C
External Antenna: 1 x SMA (optional)
Security: Seed Key Authentication