Global Outsourcing

Outsourcing is an essential tool for every business and management executive. As a leader in global outsourcing services, our solutions drive innovation and business growth while reducing costs.


  • Cost advantages

    The most obvious and visible benefit relates to the cost savings that outsourcing brings about. You can get your job done at a lower cost and at better quality as well. Due to the difference in wages between western countries and Asia, the same kind of work that is done over there can be done in Asia at a fraction of the cost. There is a cost savings of around 60% by outsourcing your work to Asia. Plus, the quality of the services provided is high thereby ensuring that low-cost does not mean low-quality.
  • Increased efficiency

    When you outsource your business needs to an outsourcing partner, they bring years of experience in business practices and expertise in delivering complex outsourcing projects. Thus, they can do the job better with their knowledge and understanding of the domain. This leads to an increase in productivity and efficiency in the process thereby contributing to the bottom-line of your company.
  • Focus on core areas

    Outsourcing your business processes would free your energies and enable you to focus on building your brand, invest in research and development and move on to providing higher value added services.
  • Save on infrastructure and technology

    Outsourcing eliminates the need for investment in infrastructure as the outsourcing partner takes the responsibility of the business processes and hence develops infrastructure for the same.
  • Access to skilled resources

    You no longer need to invest in recruiting and training expensive resources for your business. We take care of the resourcing needs with their pool of highly skilled resources. The resources employed by Virtue Intelligence are well educated in the respective business areas and are experienced in handling the business needs of companies that want to outsource.
  • Time zone advantage

    Apart from the cost advantage, the other much touted benefit has to do with the time zone differential between your country and the location you are outsourcing to. Get your job done while you are closed for the day and wake up to your service being delivered the next morning. This unique advantage gives you the benefit of round-the-clock business operations
  • Faster and better services

    Make your service offerings better with high quality deliverables and decrease the lead time it takes for your product to reach the marketplace. Thus you would be faster in getting your ideas converted into products and better at delivering the value-added proposition.

Software OutsourcingOur software production outsourcing engagements start with a basic discovery meeting to completely assess the size and scope of the effort. We don’t just think about how to get your software project built, we also plan how the project will be measured, tested, and deployed. We have the ability to do as little or as much as your team needs – from providing additional software development resources to managing the entire engagement. However we engage with you, we will be part of your team during the entire software development lifecycle — from requirements to maintenance. Our Key Differentiators are:

  • Flexibility and Modular, Self-contained Practices

    We can be used over an extended period of time as a predictable, low-cost extension of customer’s development team. This arrangement reduces the overhead, administration costs, and pain of short-term but frequent engagements. We expertly manage both long-term, open-ended engagements and well-defined, fixed price and time, projects. As an experienced software development outsourcing partner, we have perfected a clean, economical approach for entering and exiting your development process at the right time, using the right resources. We ensure your satisfaction with clear acceptance criteria, and conduct a complete knowledge transfer at the end of the engagement period.

  • Efficient two-shore delivery

    Two-shore delivery mechanism allows Virtue Intelligence to provide a price-performance advantage. The Germany-based business analysis, architecture, project management, deployment, and QA is augmented by our offshore development organization to optimize resource allocation and sustain price and performance advantage over the lifecycle of the customer’s applications.
  • Trained by Germany

    Our main outsourcing partner has significant German genes, which has engaged with high quality outsourcing projects for Fortune 500 companies. Most of engineers have more than 10 years development experience for first tier customers such as HP, OnStar and Deutsche Telekom etc. The team is consisted of specialist with different expertise such as Data Bank, Security, Web Design, Backend Application, App development, Device Management etc. The well-trained and passionful team allows Virtue Intelligence to deliver solutions that meet varied aspects of our customers’ requirements within extremely tight deadlines.

ASM-SIPLACE-SMT-H_DSC6762_beaVirtue Intelligence offers a full range of services for Outsource Device Manufacturing from PCB design and production to turn-key assembly, metal fabrication, plastic injection molding and precision machining. Our staff of experienced engineers and project managers can take your job from initial idea or schematic to a finished product that meets your most exacting requirements. Our expertise and resource management experience mean you get the most timely and cost-effective product possible.

  • Total turn-key capabilities

    We will take your project from idea to finished product efficiently and cost-effectively. Our commitment to quality is unrivalled in the industry. Our Manufacturing partner has more than 40 SMT assembly lines and delivers millions of devices every month.
  • Dedicated problem solvers

    We have a long history of successfully executing on complex projects. Our expert engineers and technicians rarely meet a project they can’t handle. Often we are able to re-engineer or reverse engineer legacy projects and save our clients’ money. In other cases, we will suggest options that will reduce your costs and improve quality. The goal at OEM is always on meeting our customers’ needs and assuring your highest satisfaction.
  • Engineering expertise and experience

    Our engineers have accrued over years of combined experience with a wide range of projects that span. We and Our Manufacturing partner have served abundant of world class enterprises such as Daimler, Deutsche Telekom, Huawei, and Telefonica. We are pleased to be able to bring our high level of skill, dedication and commitment to your project.
  • Experts in Resource Management

    Worldwide component sourcing means you are assured the right components for your project when you need them. Whether its just-in-time delivery or finding the exact component for your legacy project, OEM has the experience and dedication needed to give you the best resource management possible on every project.