Push Barcode Scanner is a product, which can provide digital shopping experience. There are different use scenarios.
1. Cart-less supermarket
With this supermarket concept, customers don’t need shopping carts anymore. Customer can get a scanner at the entrance of supermarket and scan the required goods. After submitting the shopping list customers will get goods at the exit of the supermarket. The payment could be done by online system.

2. Home Shopping
The scanner can be connected to mobile network. Consumer can store their shopping list via barcode scan. After confirmation, the shopping order will be send to retailer. The goods can be delivered via logistic partners then.

3. Process optimization
Instead of shopping, the scanner can be used to place service orders. E. g. in hospitals or hotels, nurses, guests or patients)can place service orders such as bed disinfect, change sheets or other room services.

Techincal data:

Features Technical Details
Operating System Real Time OS
Processor STM-M0
Display 2” LED Display
Memory 32KB RAM
Internal Storage 256KB Flash
Wireless Network WiFi, update to 2G / NB optional
Sensors Barcode scanner module
I/O Interfaces Power, Push Button, LED Display, 3x Status indicators
Battery 9V block battery (non-rechargeable), rechargeable optional
Dimensions 147 x 38 x 20-36 mm
Weight 128 g
Operating Temperature 0°C – 70°C