The 2G Automotive Diagnostic OBD Adapter is specially developed for automotive OEM. To distinguish with other OBD devices, our solution can work with all CAN-Bus based cars. Comparing to others’ solutions using the off-the-shelf solution like ELM, our engineering team had built the CAN diagnostic core from the scratch. As the product shall use OEM‘s database, the diagnostic results are guaranteed correctly. It’s the precondition for further big data collection and analysis. The highlight of this product is the high secure and efficient communication concept, which was approved by premium European OEM and operator.

  • Integrated 2G module and Bluetooth Low Energy into OBD device
  • Slim diagnostic core runs on 32bit MCU system without operating system
  • Compact device with similar size as bluetooth product
  • Follow the security concept of premium European automotive OEM to ensure the communication robustness
  • Follow the production process and standards of automotive products to ensure the quality and stability
  • Customer shall provide official authorization for using CAN databank, in order to ensure the correctness and legitimacy of diagnose results.
Features Basic Optional
OBD plug Yes
CAN only Yes
2G Quad-band (Upgradable to NB-IOT) Yes
LED indicator Yes
SIM slot Yes
Bluetooth Low Energy 4.x Yes
3D-Gyro-Sensor Yes
SMS control send/receive Yes
Operating temperature -40°C — +85°C Yes